Whether you’re anticipating moving to Texas, upgrading to a larger space, or downsizing for a simpler life, you’ll no doubt be asking, “When is the best time to move?” Every year, the warmth of spring brings blooming flowers, longer days, and a golden opportunity for those moving to a new home. Springtime offers advantages that make it the best time to embark on your new home journey. Let’s explore reasons why spring is the ideal season to start anew in a SIDAR home in one of our communities!.



Consider Springtime When Moving to Texas


  1. Plentiful Inventory | Spring is a popular time to sell and buy homes, which means there is usually more inventory on the market. The uptick in listings during the spring months makes it an ideal time to start your search with plenty of choices. Spring is also a good time to sell your current home as well because most people are looking to settle into their new home before the summer months. If you can get your home on the market ahead of this boom in demand, you’ll reap the rewards of higher offers and less time on the market. Browse our variety of inventory, offering options available now, or in a few short months!


  1. Symbolic New Beginnings | Spring symbolizes renewal and fresh starts, making it the perfect time to settle into a new home. The vibrant colors of spring can enhance the beauty of your surroundings, creating an inviting atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. Moving during this season allows you to embrace the energy of change and infuse your new space with positivity and optimism.


  1. Favorable Weather & Daylight Savings | Spring weather is generally mild and pleasant, creating optimal conditions for house hunting and moving. Unlike the extreme summer heat or the unpredictable storms of winter, springtime offers comfortable temperatures and longer daylight hours, making it easier and safer to transport belongings and complete moving tasks efficiently. Plus, you can see communities and homes in their best light with lush landscapes in full bloom and tons of daylight to tour and examine your new home.


  1. Settle In Before Summer Rush & the School Year | Moving in the spring allows you to find a professional moving company more easily, and comfortably settle into your new home before the hustle and bustle of summer arrives. You can organize your belongings, decorate your spaces, and establish routines without the added stress of extreme weather conditions or competing summer activities. Early settling also ensures you’re fully prepared to enjoy the summer months to the fullest.


  1. Take Advantage of Tax Benefits | Spring moves can also offer potential tax benefits for homeowners. Consult with tax professionals or real estate experts to understand how moving expenses, mortgage interest deductions, and other related costs may impact your tax situation positively during this time of the year. For example, if you move for a new job, you may be able to deduct some of your moving expenses on your tax return. 



Explore Our Communities!


There are a lot of home builders in Texas who can build your home… but none do it the way SIDAR Builders does! Choosing a location for our new communities is one of our favorite parts of the construction process. For our Royal Hills Village community, we chose a convenient and desirable location in the heart of Tyler, near the University of Texas at Tyler campus. Everything you need is within easy reach, including shopping, dining, recreation, healthcare, parks, and schools. 


As one of the most trusted home builders in Texas, we use our experience to understand what matters to you. We start with strong curb appeal. Each home in the neighborhood is distinctive, yet complements the others, with architecture that has visual harmony. When driving through Royal Hills Village, you know exactly what thoughtful design feels like.


At Royal Hills Village, you’ll find a friendly community of just 54 homes, and a carefully planned collection of exclusive home designs. Once you choose a homesite, you’ll browse through our floor plans to see which one fits your needs for a new home. Do you want an owner’s suite on the first floor? Do you want a kitchen designed for prepping plenty of family dinners? Do you need space for a home office? Our floor plans at Royal Hills Villas range from 1,535 to nearly 2,100 square feet. Each home features an open living space, where the kitchen, living room, and dining area blend seamlessly together. Whether you’re entertaining a crowd, keeping an eye on homework happenings, or just enjoying your spacious living area, the open concept keeps you connected. 


Be on the lookout for our newest community, New Home Living at Medina! Comprised of 16 meticulously crafted homes and nestled in the heart of Tyler, TX, this charming neighborhood offers unparalleled convenience with close proximity to hospitals, restaurants, parks, and more. Experience the perfect blend of comfort, accessibility, and quality living!



Contact SIDAR Builders Today!


SIDAR Builders is happy to offer fresh new homes this spring. As a trusted locally-owned homebuilder, you can expect the best when finding the right homes for sale in Tyler, TX…whichever season you need it. We have homes available in our Royal Hills Village community that you will be proud to live in. Learn more by connecting with us by phone or online.