Our Team

Who We Are and What We Do

Serve | Build | Impact

Serve First – We serve above ourselves because we have been served by our Creator God through Jesus Christ.

Build Intentionally – We build intentionally because for us there is no other way. Nothing lost or gained is an accident or by chance, nor is our business our own. We give our business to the Lord.

Impact Community – We impact positively to maximum potential, and our hope is through our words and actions we have a positive and responsible impact on the lives of others around us.



We are a Real Estate Team that works to be the best Stewards of our Resources we can.
We Glorify God, Lead our Families & Business for Balanced Lifestyles.
We Pour into Others and are Servant Leaders with Christ as our Example. We serve & glorify the Lord using our God given skills & abilities to build quality homes in a consistent, efficient, & timely manner.


– Ideas & a Culture that Evokes Passion & Emotion
– Actions that are Memorable & Eternal
– Seeing and Explaining the Why behind Our Actions and Delegation
– Hiring & Retaining People for Their Values with a We Mentality & Culture


We are a diverse team of Passionate Real Estate Professionals. This includes sales, marketing, project management, procurement, design, finance, systems, and administration human capital.

We are moving in a direction of Real Estate Sustainability & Diversity, with the realization that Real Estate as a whole is cyclical constantly keeping our finger on the pulse of our market. We work on an ever evolving business, that is always changing and adjusting to a moving market target.

This includes Real Estate Sales, Acquisitions, Representations, Speculative Building and Development. We invest into residential, commercial, land holdings, and leasing / wholesaling and financing of property.


– Lean Culture – Seeking the “Right” Solution, not just a “Good” Solution
– Final / Fully Accurate Plans & Specs including Options – Always “Improving”, never “Changing”
– Exceptionally Well-Trained Staff – Utilizing a Constant Coaching Strategy
– Strong Team & Teammate Relationships – Utilizing the Closed Hand / Open Hand Strategy
– Reliable / Predictable Schedule – Setting Baselines & Communicating Changes Early & Often
– Reduced Cycle Time – Seeking to Improve overall Production with Automation / Delegation / Elimination
– Minimal Variance – Every dollar has a name at the Beginning
– Strong Trade Partners & Trade Partner Relationships – Taking time to see Others & Seek Opportunities to spread the Gospel
– Fully Deployed / Highly Functional Systems – Being wiling to Break to Make Better
– Off-Site Solutions – Growth Requires Resources, and we choose to utilize our Systems & Trade Partners over Mass On-Site Storage or Assemblies
– Senior Leadership’s Full Support for the Goal – Structural Changes or Improvements require full support from Senior Leadership
Your dedicated & Friendly team

jimmy reed

Executive Administrator & Co-Founder

Jimmy is a UT Tyler graduate and a licensed real estate agent and broker. He holds a Master Electrician license from the state of Texas. Jimmy serves at his church and on numerous positions on construction-related boards and committees for our community.

Jimmy and his wife, Ashley, have two children. They enjoy water sports and outdoor activities.

David Socia

Executive Director & Co-Founder

David is a UT Tyler graduate and licensed real estate agent and broker. He serves at his church and on numerous boards and committees in our community. David was a member of the 30th Leadership Tyler class and recognized by UT Tyler as a standout in his field on the 2018 ‘30 in their 30s’ list.

David and his wife, Katie, have three children. They enjoy traveling, camping, and outdoor activities.

Temple Gutierrez

New Home Specialist

Temple has a degree in Marketing & Entrepreneurship from UT Tyler. She has worked in the sales and real estate industries since 2015. Temple enjoys helping our clients find their perfect home and sharing her love of East Texas with others.

Temple and her husband, Felipe, have one child and enjoy travelling, cheering on the Texas Longhorns, and having games nights with friends.

Regan Shank

Phase Builder

Regan is a Tyler native who graduated from Tyler Lee High School. He brings excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills from his time in the restaurant industry.

Regan and his wife, Kayla, have one daughter. They enjoy going to the beach and watching sports.

Jennifer Dunham

Systems Controller

Jennifer moved to Tyler in 2012 from South Texas. She brings a wealth of knowledge from previous careers to her position.

Jennifer and her husband, Nathan, have one son. They enjoy doing family activities together especially ones that involve the beach!